Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lucas Smith, the fubar forger, is now irrelevant

Just a quick one here - Lucas Smith, aka "Inspector Smith" at YouTube, the guy who tried to sell his flawed forgery of an Obama Kenyan birth certificate for $1,000,000, is officially irrelevant.

Poor Lucas. The guy had zero credibility going in - long police record for crimes including passing checks with a fake name, throwing hot oil at co-workers at McDonalds, stabbing someone in the get the picture. Poor Lucas. Blames everyone and everything, even blames Dr Orly, the nutty dentist, and Jerome Corsi of World Nut Daily, for his problems. It's EBay's fault. It's PayPal's fault. It's all the OBOTs' fault.

Poor Lucas. It's certainly not his fault. He did exactly what the nutcases wanted...created a fake BC so they could pretend Obama was born in Kenya.

Here's the bottom line - Lucas' screwed up. He misspelled, and therefore misstamped, the top of the BC. Lucas stamped "Dr. Helton Maganga." But the doctor's name is "Heltan."

Here is Dr. HELTAN Maganga in a video.
Here is Dr. HELTAN Maganga at a directory of doctors.
Here is Dr. HELTAN Maganga, per the Kenya Broadcasting Corp.

And as for any nutcase who comes along and says something about a story online, with the name spelled "Helton," I've got an email now in my back pocket from the guy who wrote that story, and he acknowledges that he misspelled the doctor's first name.

Doctors named "HELTAN" just don't go around stamping copies of birth certificates "Helton." Poor Lucas. He came so close to that $1,000,000 prize.


Anonymous said...

That Inspector Smith youtube page is bizarre in the extreme. Smith and a few sock puppets rambling on and trying to drum up money for whatever crap Lucas is trying to pull on Ebay. It is like a convoluted Nigerian scam. Really, at this point, anyone who give him a dime deserves to lose it.
Thanks for your post!


Anonymous said...

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