Monday, December 29, 2008

EDITED - ON HOLD FOR NOW - Polarik is actually Parker Shannon, aka Beckwith

ADDED 1/1/09

Well, I'm not sure what to believe right now.

On the one hand, I've got Polarik's supposed resume, his voice with the occasional brogue whenever he gets excited, his supposed IP and state of residence - Florida, and of course, all his BS about a fake COLB which pretty much proves only one thing - his resume is BS too.

And I've got tons on Parker - his resume, background check, addresses in both the Boston area and Florida, his Florida email address, pictures of the house in Florida, former websites, postings as PShannon, as Rick007 (same age), the proof that he was behind the Michelle tape hoax, yada yada yada...I've gathered a lot on this old man. He's very, very dirty.

But on the other hand, I can't close the deal yet, and Polarik's supposed IP, before timing out with 2 hops to go when performing a traceroute, comes up with a different area of Florida. In addition, someone who was consulted about my initial findings strongly believes they are not the same person.

I know that firewalls limit one's ability to perform a complete traceroute. I know that re-directs do the same thing. I know that clever trolls can mask linguistic traits, making it difficult to figure out sockpuppets.

But I can't close the deal. I can't ignore the IP evidence, even though it is not conclusive.

My search for the truth will continue.



(You heard it here first!

Added later - I'm pretty tired, so I'll write all about this huge discovery in the next day or two. I've already captured all the evidence.

BTW, Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) was always a lie - Beckwith has a BS, nothing more. Fitting!

Sorry folks, I really want to explode this out there, cause I'm rather proud of myself right now, but I am just too darn sleepy.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's pretty obvious that I'm not a very prolific blogger. I write when I feel like it, even though I might have something important to post. Sorry folks, but a lot goes on behind the scenes besides troll hunting.

I'm titling this post "odds and ends," because that's what it is lol. But first I need to say something to someone...

To the person who anonymously sent Sage an email, disputing the results of the mirror I created on API back in mid-October, in either an honest or dishonest attempt to remove Beckwith from the equation - According to your email, you created a mirror on November 21st (2008), weeks after API had scrubbed its site. I created a mirror in mid-October, before anyone knew anything about Beckwith's involvement. Big difference! Bluntly speaking...your mirror is worthless, since it was created after API was scrubbed.

If someone thinks they can come to this party late, after API was scrubbed, and conduct a worthwhile forensic analysis of the site, they're just not very smart...or else deliberately trying to create a false truth. Parker Shannon, aka Beckwith, created the Michelle hoax. API was the first to publish the hoax. Those are the facts.

Ok, here we go...

1. Mountain Sage, and her devoted reader Grace, have done some outstanding work over Sage's blog. The most-recent post is an expose' on Sammy Korir's Rainbow Foundation scam, with lots of new information. I highly recommend it.

I don't think there's any doubt that Sammy Korir started API, and continues to run API. He has partners though, and that is what my research is usually focused on, vs Sage and others' research, which focuses more on Sammy, himself. I guess one could say we are solving the API puzzle from different sides.

2. API was born on October 6, 2006. I've discovered two "pre-API" blog attempts by Sammy, and one lame attempt at a chat room shortly after opening API:

Africa Chatting and Blogging - a one-day attempt at a chat room, with "africachatblog" posting to himself, and "africanpress" joining in.

Africa Oslo Blog - a one-day attempt on September 29, 2006.

Africa Oslo Press - a previous one-day attempt on September 23, 2006, with most of the same junk...except for one interesting comment, from sockpuppet Jimmy KIPkoech. Those folks who read my expose' on Jeremy Ongeri will remember that Ongeri's hoax "Friends of Obama donated $1,000,000..." was unsigned when drafted by Jotojingi (aka Ongeri), but signed by sockpuppet James KIPkorir when published the next day by API.

Jimmy KIPkoech
James KIPkorir
Sammy KIPterer Korir

Are James and Jimmy merely sockpuppets of Sammy's? Or are they more? Is Jimmy at API a Sammy sockpuppet, or another person involved? Is Jimmy, Ongeri? Is Jimmy someone else? Perhaps a rival?

Stay tuned ;)