Tuesday, February 24, 2009



It's the worst form of flattery.

Like psychotic dominos, right wing nutcases all over the internets are collapsing under the weight of their lies and BS.

Take API, for example. These days, everyone in the galaxy knows that API lied about Michelle Obama, $500,000 via Paypal, the Iman with proof that President Obama was born in Kenya...heck, even Parker Shannon aka Beckwith, the author of the Michelle Obama hoax that made API famous for a short time, admitted that API "is a fraud...".

Now seriously, when your partner turns on you, and calls you a fraud, after crafting the hoax that made you famous but proved you are a fraud, it's time to close shop. API hasn't merely been disgraced. API has become irrelevant.

Or how about the infamous Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol). This fake, who appeared out of nowhere last summer with claims of a fake COLB, can't even pay his rent, let alone analyze the nutrition label on a can of Spam. One would think someone of such high esteem as Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) would be quite wealthy...after all, according to his BS, he's got 30+ years of blah blah blah, government blah blah blah, research director and statistician, blah blah yuck...well, we all get the picture.

Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol), has become irrelevant. Once again, even Parker Shannon aka Beckwith, the grumpy old turd who has been a major force behind the various Obama CTs over the past 18 months, has abandoned the doctor and his claims. I mean, seriously, when Parker Shannon aka Beckwith has cut you loose, you know you're dead meat.

Our third inductee in the Irrelevant Hall of Shame, is nothing less than a legend in his own mind - Ed Hale, now better known as Bugs, the world famous Bigfoot Murderer. Crazy Ed is determined to get rich off of lies and BS - whether it's by secretly trying to sell Michelle Obama hoax tapes that don't exist, or by fleecing his small but insignificant flock via claims of blockbuster divorice papers, or ownership in a worthless company. Crazy Ed is so crazy, one hour he's shutting down his radio show forever, and the next hour he's crying out for enough money to operate for the next 20 years.

Bugs. is. irrelevant.

And more will join them soon. Parker Shannon aka Beckwith is teetering on the abyss of irrelevance this very moment, increasingly freaking out amongst fellow freepers as all his hard, evil work for the past 18 months amounts to nothing...I mean, seriously, since when did the US have three classes of citizens? Philip Berg keeps striking out with his BS lawsuits, Dr. Orly, the nutty dentist, never had any credibility to begin with, and TexasDarlin, wow, where do I begin?

Truth is poison to liars.

Thanks for reading.