Thursday, July 30, 2009

A message to Dr. Ron Polarik, PHD (lol)

Hi Ron,

I really need to get to bed here, but thought I'd drop you a line first.

I'm really sorry, but it looks like Loren (Barackryphal) has nailed your ass.

I won't go into all the details at this time, because this is Loren's big moment, and he deserves a lot of good mojo for putting it all together.

Independently, I've found much of what I am sure Loren found, in piecing this all together. What I've found so far convinces me that he is probably right - marriage to a Bulgarian two years ago, that IP from Orlando, lots of anti-Obama stuff under a widely-used nickname before July 2008, and more...and it's pretty convincing.

Perhaps you should come clean. Perhaps you should be honest for a change, and get out in front of what is probably coming your way, before you did a deeper hole for yourself with lies and half-truths.

It's your choice.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is Polarik, Ronald J Polland?


Hard to go to bed when you are excited. I have found more smoke to support Loren's conclusion - Ronald Polland's interest in cameras, his lack of real knowledge in spotting digital forgeries, and some other stuff. Hopefully Loren will lay out the case tomorrow with all the details.

Also, Beckwith has suddenly cleansed his site. Odd timing! He can run but he can't hide though ;) END UPDATE

Breaking news today...Loren of Barackryphal has a nice post up, identifying Polarik as Ronald J. Polland.

Now then, I couldn't care less who outs a bad guy, as long as someone does lol.

At first, I was very skeptical, because I could not make the leap from Ronald Polland to Bulgaria...yea, Bulgaria...and also, I couldn't connect Ronald Polland to the Orlando area. Supposedly, Polland is in Jacksonville, while Polarik is in the Orlando area...

See, some of us remember that Polarik's IP last year was, which tracks to the Orlando area (around Longwood), too far from Jacksonville, which is where it looked like Ronald Polland was at.

However, I have found the Bulgarian link, and I have found the same Ronald Polland now in the Orlando area. I will not post these links, because this is Loren's work, and he deserves all the mojo in the world if he is right. I'm sure he will post them in his next post.

I'm not yet convinced he is right...but I'm definitely not skeptical like I was earlier today.

I have high hopes!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rick Pollard and Bunnytoes, Polarik and TexasDarlin?

I wish I was least rich enough that I could investigate trolls full time as a job, instead of work a normal job like most people do.

If anyone out there feels like throwing a million my

This is the type of research that I wish I could travel the country and nail down.

1. Is Rick Pollard, Florida Tea Party nutcase, Polarik?

Could be - Polarik's real IP tracked close to Orlando, Rick Pollard appears to be Rick A. Pollard, Polarik has claimed that his name is part of his screenname, as well as claimed that his name has nothing to do with his screenname...and it's easy to see how "Rick A Pollard" could be turned into "Pol A Rik." Polarik is certainly a nutcase, as well as a liar and hoaxer.

It would be nice to be able to pin this down with live research.

2. Is TexasDarlin, Bunnytoes at

Could be - Bunnytoes is an anti-Obama nutcase who claims Texas as home, and has been plugging Beckwith at Stormfront over and over. Bunnytoes even posted the API Michelle Obama hoax (which was created by Beckwith) on 10/15/08 - the same day it first came out at API, and, and at TexasDarlin's blog.

Let's say it again - Beckwith created the Michelle Obama hoax. API published it first on 10/15/08, and both Beckwith's site TheObamaFile, and TexasDarlin's blog, published it almost immediately after it appeared on API. Now we can add Bunnytoes to that list.

To be continued!