Saturday, January 15, 2011

SteroidsR4Losers is a big loser

Wow, it's been awhile since I went after a bad guy, but this one deserves to be on my list.

There's this psychotic loser at YouTube and other places who goes by the name SteroidsR4Losers, and according to lots of folks, many other names as well. All this guy does is pollute the internets with his anti-steroids bullshit - and I really mean bullshit, because this guy lies, deceives, and manipulates just to be a big pain in the ass.

For example, recently this asshole spammed me with 7-8 messages, including this:

"If we tell people they are on STEROIDS then people won't think they are natural. Aww, too bad. :(

If we tell people they are on STEROIDS then they won't be able to deceive people into buying their line of bogus supplements that they endorse/sale. Aww, too bad. :( "

This asshole is so dishonorable, he brags about misleading others - he thinks it's cool to simply say "so and so is on steroids" and turn people against others.

As I've said 1000 times, anyone who lies, deceives, and intentionally wants to cause harm to others, has no honor or integrity...and that is why this blog exists.

So congratulations, SteroidsR4Losers, for being such a dishonorable piece of shit that you made my list...and now that you are on my list.....

And btw, about steroids...particularly anabolic steroids, there's a lot of BS out there. Here's the truth - anabolic steroids do not build muscle. All they do is promote faster healing and recovery after a workout, so that a person can train harder, and grow bigger, faster. Diet, nutrition, supplements, heavy training, and a big heart, are the real factors that build muscle, not anabolic steroids. If some lazy ass nutcase like SteroidsR4Losers took anabolic steroids, he wouldn't grow an inch, anywhere, except perhaps his belly.

And that's the truth, and assholes like this guy are just jealous because they look like shit, and will be losers for the rest of their lives.