Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Best Birther coverage on the internets

Just a quick post here.

For the best coverage of nutty birther crap around, I highly recommend Patrick McKinnion's site, Bad Fiction.

Nobody does it better.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucas Smith, yet another con artist

I know, I know, I'm supposed to blog about Bunnytoes one of these days. Just haven't gotten to it, plus I've been spending some time researching Lucas Smith, the Ebay rascal who popped in out of nowhere recently with his own version of an Obama Kenyan birth certificate. He's also known as Inspector Smith at YouTube. Once again, special mojo must go to Loren at Barackryphal for his outstanding reporting here and here.

Lucas is a liar. Besides the fact that his fake Obama birth certificate doesn't show the birthdate of Obama's father (because that knowledge is not on the internet), Lucas damns himself with his Google profile:

I quote:

1) "I will be releasing a video in August (yes, 2009) which entails information about the birth place of US President Barack Obama. This video will include footage of US President Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. You'll see the birth certificate close up..."

2) "There is no logical reason for the President not to release his original birth certificate." (in other words, there's no reason why Obama should not release)

Simple logic - if Lucas really, really, really has Obama's birth certificate, why would Lucas make statement #2? If Lucas really, really, really has Obama's birth certificate, and it really, really, really proved Obama was born in Kenya, then wouldn't it be logical that Obama would never, ever, ever want to release his birth certificate?

Putting it another way, if Lucas really, really, really has "Obama's Kenyan birth certificate," wouldn't Lucas say something like "I know why Obama doesn't release his original birth certificate" instead?

Lucas Smith, welcome to the trash dump of historical con artists - Berg, Beckwith, Polarik the fake fake document expert, TexasDarlin, Dr. Orly the nutty dentist, Ed Hale the world famous Bigfoot murderer, yada yada yada, et al. Perhaps you can sell a kidney to one of them!