Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bugs, the World Famous Bigfoot Hunter

Ed Hale - racist, con artist, and now forever known as Bugs, the World Famous Bigfoot Hunter.


Sorry, I just can't help myself on this one.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New stuff

Looks like two well-known hoaxsters are suddenly flaming out at the same time...

Ed Hale has been outed as "Bugs, the world famous Big Foot murderer." See here and here. Hilarious. Someone should turn his ass in for murder.

And Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) can hardly pay his rent (post 34). PHD, over 25 years blah blah blah, yet with all the education and experience and various other razzle dazzle bullshit, not only does he not own his own home, he has to scrape to pay "his rent."


Friday, January 2, 2009

Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) disproved in one easy step

Short and deadly...

1. Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) claims that the Obama COLB is "a drop-dead clone of DeCosta's COLB..."

2. Here at Polarik's own site is his posting of Obama's COLB. Please note that the top of the raised seal is directly across from the bottom of the words "MOTHER"S RACE."

3. Now scroll down to the DeCosta's COLB, which Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) claims is a "drop dead clone," and look at the top of the seal. Clearly it doesn't take a BS in BS to see that the top of the seal is lower.

Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) has just been disproven, in one easy step.